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  1. Awesome-er than ever
    The new Takipi dashboard is tweaked just for you. Let us show you what's changed.
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  2. View the errors that matter
    Filter errors to spot which ones are most critical. View errors coming from specific servers, apps, root, error location, and more.
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  3. Make the dashboard your own
    Check the box(es) to customize your error view.
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  4. Keep irrelevant errors out of sight.
    Move non-actionable errors to the archive folder. These errors will still be tracked and recorded - fully accessible if you need them.
    Now you have the power to mark solved bugs as 'Resolved'. If an error which was marked as 'Resolved' is spotted again - we'll let you know.
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  5. Get your teammates involved
    Leave them a message or tag them, and they'll receive an email notification immediately.
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  6. Personalized Labels
    Labels allow you to actively manage your errors more conveniently. Create new labels and categorize dashboard items.
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  7. Still have questions?
    Use the , email us, or check out our support center.